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  • To draw up strategic planning on the basis of foreseeing customer expectations in regard to automotive interior and exterior dressing components;
  • To continuously enhance our engineering and design capabilities;
  • To seek constant improvement through a working system that is open to change and innovation, that encourages achievement and is founded on the highest principles of business ethics and integrity;
  • To implement and develop lean management and lean production methods within a continuously improving corporate structure;
  • To continue to work in cooperation with our automotive parts and components industry toward the objective of increasing the percentage of local materials in our products;
  • To avoid harming the environment and nature and complying with the requirements of ISO 14001;
  • To always work toward the goal of reaching our targets with a harmonious and satisfied staff while at the same time complying with the requirements of institutionalization and refraining from compromising the identity that has made us what we are today;
  • Never compromising our target of working with the principle of zero error;
  • Achieving at least 50% of our turnover from exports;
  • Setting aside 5% of our turnover to investments and 3% to R&D expenditures each year;
  • To adopt the principle of continuous innovation and improvement in order to be an exemplary leader among competitors in the automotive parts and components industry.