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Quality & The Environment

         Our Quality Policy
Pimsa's goal is to increase its market share and competitive strength by meeting customer expectations at a satisfying quality and price, promptly and in the amount needed.
In order to reach this goal and increase productivity, the aims below will be sought, with all employees evaluating their own mistakes and the reasons behind them, taking the responsibility of adopting preventive measures to avoid a repetition of the same actions.
A.    Continuous Development,
B.    Continuous Improvement,
C.    Continuous Education,
D.   Participation of All Employees,
E.    Healthy Customer Relations,
F.    Healthy Relations with the Automotive Parts and Components Industry.
In line with our Quality Policy, the organization of the following will be achieved:
  • All results of improvements will be analyzed and permanently included into the system;
  • A protective maintenance program will be adopted so that unexpected breakdowns can be avoided;
  • Stock costs will be reduced with prompt delivery and prompt production;
  • Quality Costs will be calculated and improved.
Pimsa Poliüretan has verified its concept of superior quality through the ISO/TS 16949 and Ford Q1 Quality Certificates it has been awarded.
         Our Environmental Policy
At PİMSA OTOMOTİV A.Ş., our 38 years of experience in the automotive sector has led us to adopt and expand a philosophy of superior quality that is also applied to our endeavors with respect to the environment. In this awareness and willingness, our working principles encompass:
         Using all natural resources efficiently,
         Minimizing damage to the environment,
         Using environment-friendly and recyclable materials in all our work,
         Reducing polyurethane wastes and recycling these to the extent possible,
         Increasing sensitivity to the environment by ensuring that our employees, customers and the parts and components industry is made more aware of these issues,
         Continuously improving all of our activities with regard to the environment,
         Considering Turkish Environmental laws, customer demands with regard to the environment and beyond this, complying with global values in this respect.
         Accordingly, environmental values will be protected and a contribution made to ensure that conditions are conducive to a healthy environment.
We will uphold the principle of continuing our efforts to do our part in achieving a livable environment.
Pimsa Otomotiv has documented its environmental consciousness with the ISO 14001 Environment Certificate that it has been awarded.