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Product & Customers

The range of products Pimsa Otomotiv offers include a variety of interior and exterior dressing and insulation elements. As of today, Pimsa Otomotiv supplies parts to over 40 OEM facilities in about 20 countries in Europe, North/South America and the Far East.
Our main product groups and products are the following:
    • Polyurethane floor mats
    • Polyurethane sound insulation elements
    • RIM polyurethane interior/exterior dressing elements
    • Interior dressing elements from integral polyurethane,
    • Sun shades,
    • Energy-absorbent firm polyurethane elements,
    • Polyurethane PVC composite trim pieces
    • Door panels.
Our main customers:
         Toyota Motor Company (Turkey, UK, France, Japan and South Africa)
         Volkswagen AG (Portugal, Argentina and Germany)
         Caterpillar Inc. (Global)
         Mercedes Benz Türk
         Ford Motor Company (Ford Otosan, Ford Europe and Ford North America)
         Toyota Boshoku
         CNH/Türk Traktör