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Company Profile

Pimsa Poliüretan (Pimsa Polyurethane) was founded on July 29, 1975 by eight friends, all graduates of Robert College. Pimsa is one of the first companies in the Turkish automotive industry to manufacture polyurethane products. Starting out by producing polyurethane seat cushion foam, steering wheels and armrests, the company first operated in a rented facility along the Ankara highway in Küçükyalı over the years 1975-1985.
With the increase in the use of polyurethane in the automotive industry, the rented space in Küçükyalı, where the manufacturing was carried out, began to fall short of the need, and therefore Pimsa Poliüretan moved to its own facilities in the Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone in 1985.
As from 1985, the company began to manufacture, at its factory in Dudullu, interior dressings such as floor carpeting, trim panels and sun shades according to the technical and visual specifications of its customers. In the meantime, Otimsa Teknik İmalat Limited Şirketi (Otimsa Technical Manufacture Limited) was founded in 1995 to meet the metal parts needs of the company.
In 1996, with Turkey's entry into the European Customs Union, a rapid change began in the automotive industry. Parallel to export-focused manufacture, a requirement was introduced to the effect that companies had to work with international manufacturers that were Full System Suppliers.
The polyurethane insulated interior dressing elements manufactured by Pimsa Poliüretan were classified as acoustic elements, while steering wheels were designated, along with airbags and seat belts, as safety equipment. As a result of this classification, in 1999, Pimsa Poliüretan joined in a partnership with the Renault supplier, the Spanish company Dalphi Metal and the Ford supplier the German Petri Company, to manufacture steering wheels as Pimsa Direksiyon AŞ (Pimsa Steering Wheels). In 2000, in the classification of acoustic elements, a partnership was formed with the Ford and Mercedes supplier the German Pelzer Company, under the name of HP Pelzer Pimsa Otomotiv AŞ (HP Pelzer Pimsa Automotives) and another partnership was formed with the Fiat and Tofaş supplier the Italian Adler Plastik, to establish the company Pimsa Adler Otomotiv AŞ (Pimsa Adler Automotives).
With the manufacturing of acoustic elements such as steering wheels, carpeting and insulation passing onto the foreign partners, Pimsa Poliüretan's range of production shifted more to the commercial vehicle and tractor/heavy machinery sector. As the company's customer portfolio steadily grew, all of the companies in key industries became group customers. The expanding customer portfolio led to the attainment of many global corporate customers and export opportunities increased.
When the demand for one of the raw materials of the sector, technological textiles, started to increase, HP Pelzer Pimsa Otomotiv founded the company Pimsa Otomotiv Tekstilleri AŞ (Pimsa Automotive Textiles) on May 26, 2006.
In 2007, CNC machines were purchased for our company Otimsa Technical Manufacture, and the design and production of metal forms began.
With time and under changing global economic conditions, Pimsa Direksiyon AŞ's partner Dalphi Metal was sold to the TRW Company and the German Petri to the Japanese Takata Corporation. It was not possible for two competitors to work together under the same roof and so the company took a decision to close down on July 1, 2009, entering a liquidation process.
In 2011, HP Pelzer Pimsa Romania was founded and it began manufacturing operations in the middle of 2012.
The company's name was changed to Pimsa Otomotiv in 2012 and it moved into its new factory and administrative building in the TOSB Organized Industrial Zone.
HP Pelzer Pimsa established its first factory in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2013.
The main quality certifications the company holds are: the ISO/TS 16949 quality certificate, the ISO 14001 environmental certificate, the VW VDA 6.3 certificate, the Ford Q1 Certificate of Excellence and the Caterpillar SQEP Quality Excellence Certificate.

With its continuously growing and developing organizational structure, Pimsa Otomotiv provides services to customers in three countries with a total of eight factories.

The 4 companies in which Pimsa Otomotiv is a partner are the following:
    • HP Pelzer Pimsa Otomotiv A.Ş.
    • Pimsa Adler Otomotiv A.Ş.
    • Otimsa Teknik İmalat A.Ş.
    • Pimsa Otomotiv Tekstilleri A.Ş.
The main products manufactured by Pimsa Otomotiv are the following:
    • Polyurethane floor mats
    • Polyurethane sound insulation elements
    • RIM polyurethane interior/exterior dressing elements
    • Interior dressing elements from integral polyurethane,
    • Sun shades,
    • Energy-absorbent firm polyurethane elements,
    • Polyurethane PVC composite trim pieces
    • Door panels.